Let your children be ... the
heroes that they truly are.

** Custom-made children's costumes

for all occasions **

Tired of the uninspiring, mass-produced costumes available today? What fun is it if the same few costumes are worn by all the kids in the neighborhood.

Cheap plastic masks and chinzy fabric donít do these characters justice. Our favorite heroes deserve better and so does your child.

Costumes are chosen because your child wishes imitate someone else. Allow your child to truly embrace that character.

-- How Costume Heroes Works --

1) Contact us by e-mail. Ask any questions that you might have.

2) Submit an image of the character you desire. Indicate the general size and age of your child.

3) Costume Heroes will evaluate your request. An initial design will be sketched out including fabrics, colors and accessories.

4) If the costume design meets your demands, a price quotation would be generated.

5) More specific measurements (arm lengths, waist size, etc.) are required before production.

Each costume is made-to-order. Costumes prices will vary depending on a few factors. In general, the complexity of the costume and the material costs are the key drivers. In most cases some store-bought items are required, such as gloves or wigs. The use of accessories and weapons also affects the final price.

The superhero costumes that are shown on this page would be priced in the range of $125 to $150 each

** Full production takes 6 weeks. Costumes Heroes reserves the right to choose the materials for production.


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